​​Rayleen Kable Celebrity Medium Clairvoyant Paranormal investigator

Rayleen Kable Mediumship Claivoyance Space Clearing Paranormal

My name is Rayleen Kable and I have been a practising medium clairvoyant and healer for the last 20 years. I have been very blessed having many opportunities to work within the industry. I have appeared on TV shows such as “The One”, “Sensing Murder” and Recently seen on" Haunting Australia " I also can be seen weekly on “Psychic TV”.

I regularly appear at many Psychic & Health and Wellbeing Expo’s and can be seen on stage and available for private readings. I can be seen at the popular Mind, Body, Spirit Festival (held annually in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide) and continue to do local festivals.

I regularly do live Medium Shows. These are a great evening out where you can feel and witness live readings with the audience. I also teach and lecture regularly, holding classes for all to enjoy and gain a better understanding. This is something I thoroughly enjoy, sharing the knowledge that is in us all. During the week I am available for appointments for any of my services.

My Spiritual Journey began at a very young age as a little girl always hearing voices and always seeing people. People that were no longer here on the earth plane, I only ever knew this to be normal. I later realised that the voices I was hearing and people I was seeing were passed over and were seeking to connect with thier loved ones. In my later years I developed many different skills within the metaphysical realm including mediumship, clairvoyance, hypnotheraphy, reiki, tarot and animal cards, crystal healing, space clearing and psychometry.

I currently reside on the Central Coast N.S.W , where I feel my happiest. I am truely grateful to the people who have assisted me on my journey , and I am sincerely grateful for the wonderful clientel I have been blessed to work with throughout the many years of doing my work . NAM