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Rayleen Kable has cemented her reputation as one of Australia's most poplular and well -respected Medium/Clairvoyant and Paranormal Investigators. With over three decades of experience, her abilities have earned her numerous opportunities to work on radio and TV. Rayleen has appeared on several  shows the "ONE" ,Sensing Murder, Psychic TV and More recently Haunting Australia .

Rayleen has become a household name and is  renowned for her abilities as a Medium Clairvoyant and now Paranormal investigator.

As a speaker and teacher at a number of National Expo's and conferences and now she adds author to her list of achievements with the debut of her first book; Rayleen's Book of Inspiration;

Rayleen's spiritual journey can be traced back to a young age when she clearly recalls being a little girl who always heard voices and saw people, people who were no longer here on the earth plane.

She admits it's what she knew as normal and it wasn't till later that she realized the voices and faces she was hearing and seeing were of those that had passed over and seeking to connect with their loved ones