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Awakening your 3rd Eye.

Wakey Wakey no time to sleep ,your spiritual journey is waiting for You.

As the days go faster and the nights draw nearer, time itself is moving at such a fast pace.

Distraction after distraction pulling us in all direction, we must STOP and put on the Pause button.

Creating the space to be able to tap back in to your 3rd Eye is the Key.

If your constantly keep yourself physically and mentally busy, You may just miss the opportunity to re-Awaken Your 3rd eye.

What is my 3rd eye? you may ask, Good question your 3rd Eye is the key to your imagination, your Portal to the spiritual Realm.

Your link to the paranormal the clearer your 3rd Eye, the clearer your visions .

With Visions comes opportunities ,with opportunities comes awareness ,and so forth.

Next Blog I will share what and how to care for your 3rd Eye and how to maintain it for a greater spiritual life.

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