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Be the best at being you

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Often I come across people from all walk of life and many different cultures all very dffrent in their own views of how society should be how we should conduct ourselves and what people expect .

I am a true believer in walk your talk and be the individual you wish to be .

As in my many years as an experienced professional medium clairvoyant I have had the honor to have meet some truly amazing indiviuals who have conquered, inspired, encouraged and supported those who have come into their lives socially.

You are responsible for your journey alone blaming other's or failing to take responsibility can leave you feeling vulnerable and beat.

Social exceptabilty is a big one.

The other day I explored my local shops and felt the need to have chat and ask the big question to the shop owner, why is your store not busy at this time of the day? lunch peak .

To my surprise the lovely owner said no we dont get to busy as the locals prefer restuarant style foods here , we sell hot chips hot dogs and more... I was truly shocked as this business was very clean spacious and very welcoming .

realising everyone have their own standards, expectations and ideals

however still not grasping the divide I felt when she spoke about this.

So I guess what Im trying to get across in my blog today is be yourself in everyway but respect the paths of others for everyone person has their own stuff going on you never what a person is going through.

lIve your life accordingly repect others and their views and come together as one .

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