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Crazy Thought Yes or No?

Be it Fear, be it greed, be it innocents or ignorance just seems that the world is really struggling to know what to believe these days.

Truth we all have a role to play for the greater good of humanity.

My mind wandered back to the bushfires of 2019. I couldn't help but think if only we were all like back then , when we were all connected as a community offering assistance left right & centre. The kindness the charity all the amazing compassionate and thoughtful acts people were willing to do and share.

Now looking at 2021 with an open mind and heart realising how Fear and uncertainty has crept into people's hearts minds and souls.

Not dismissing the fact we are going through a Pandemic ,but it has made me think more deeply.

At this time in our lives we are needing more Love empathy ,compassion,support and respect. Yet we are doing the opposite to what may turn things around.

Truly Love thyself, Love family , Love friends and Love thy neighbour.

In the end these are the people that have supported you throughout your life before this Pandemic entered it.

Parting message Fear Less Love More .

Stay safe and always remember someone cares.

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