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Creating Magic to start your day!!

We all want the key to longevity and the fountain of youth. Start your day with a high level of optimism a clear positive mindset can truly set things in motion for a fabulous day.

We hear the saying Mind,body,Spirit and in truth it works this way your mind is the starting point your body then your spirit, in truth they all work together to create the amazing being you are.

Next your body where do we start our bodies well our bodies as an adult are made up of 60% water so if our fluid intake is maintained I figure its keeping things balanced also a healthy breakfast small portions maybe some fruit and your on your way to creating a day full of clear positive thinking and a body balanced we then come to our spirit the most important out of the three. Why ? you say well it is a driving force to move us forward in life to keep us on our true paths and keeping the passion in our lives .

Our spirit works wonders and its up keep can be very simple a little discipline ,yoga meditation and just simply time spent in the outdoors connecting with nature and your spiritual body.

I do hope you enjoyed.

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