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How to Instantly decrease Stress

Times are changing in our ever changing universe, as we navigate through interest rate rises, increasing costs of living and ever increasing dramas in the world 🌎 as we know it.

Strangely enough while we focus on all the external things that consistently distract us, we have totally lost sight of what really can assist us.

Keep it simple is one of my latest philosophy's.

  1. Remember Who you are ,never lose sight of YOU. Remember you are more than your job, you are more than than the money you earn, you are more than what you may feel you have become. You hold the key to all your future successes & Failures yes You hold the keys to what you desire to be Now & into the future never lose sight of your deepest heartfelt desires.

  2. Start to feel again not think, be intouch with feeling before thinking, as you allow yourself to feel you are connecting with a deep aspect of yourself, a higher more knowledgeable part of your being Feeling reconnects us to our soul, yes I said soul, start to feel in this moment what your body is feeling right now!! when you acknowledge these feelings you are bringing your energy back to centre. Your focus in doing this is not on what has to be done, nor what is worrying you about world affairs, you are simply being staying connected to Self.

  3. Lessen you distractions, what is dragging your energy away from what you truly desire to be doing? Keep your focus on the inner world your inner peace ,balance and harmony. Really look at what is driving you is it expectation? is it what others are telling you what's best for you? when we take the time to remember who we are and start feeling what is really important to us , then lessen the distractions ,refocus our energy and live more authentically we then lessen the levels of stress in our lives. Yes practice makes perfect. As I would suggest no time like the present.

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