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How to speed up your Healing

one of my favourite topics to touch on is healing. As we are now in Winter here in Australia we are experiencing some pretty chilly days / Nights.

Here are some simple effective tools that can sincerely assist in speeding up your recovery,some of which maybe told but true healing tools.

* Mindset keep positive this helps to keep your vibration (high)

* Be sure to dress appropriate for the weather/ environment.

* Don't put yourself in harms way if you normally hangout in places where there's alot of people and you hear people coughing / sneezing leave .

*If you have cold / flu like symptoms cut both ends of a brown onion place in a container in the main rooms you will be spending time in, this helps to absorb viral contaminates.

* Be sure to throw away immediately old use tissues etc.

* Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

* smile alot more this helps to create good hormones it also allows your body to relax.

* Tell your body your grateful for the speedy healing it is doing.

Last but not least Rest.

I hope some of these simple and effective tips help you to gain a speedy recovery.

Remember beautiful souls you are the healer of your own body be gentle to you and your thoughts.

Blesdings & 💗

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