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How to create More time using less Physical energy

We’ve made it so easy these day to get caught up with the what must be done mode forgetting the old sayings Rome wasn't built in One day.

It's time to re - invent the way time space and energy are used. As we slowly creep further away from our spiritual divinity in to the deep dark corners of the universe.

Step 1. Stop - what ever your doing right now just stop take 3 deep Breathes in and relax.

Step 2. Ask yourself have I really planned my day out to get the best results?

Step 3. What are you priorities? are you really needing to in your lunch break run to the supermarket for bread milk for home ?

Step 4. Owned it. Truth is so many people exhaust themselves Physically trying to please the masses being boss,husband,wife,mum dad the list goes on if your a perfectionist well this will be a biggy for you may feel the only way the job will be done is if it's done by you and you alone.

Ok lets bring it back to simplicity we wake we work for some of us the day starts from early morning for other's late into the night either way from the moment we wake we are already processing whats ahead. The way to make things work for you using less physical energy is to simply STOP ,PLAN for example write everything down put in a use- able order then execute. Some my say easier said then done, I say delegate be it at work or home share your not the only one in the universe that can get things done .

This being my first blog I hope you enjoyed .#rayleenkable#Haunting Australia#

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