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Raising your Vibration Naturally

Raising your vibration Naturally

1. Breathing deeply being conscious of your breath.

2. Smile smiling is so natural and it allows tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight stress as well as neurotransmitter like dopamine,serotonin and endorphins releasing pain relief and natural antidepressants.

3. Laugh Laughing when we Laugh we truly loosen up all those tense muscles that have been carrying stress in some cases for a long time.

4. Relax relax and letting your body feel some true relief from the day to day stresses using all the already mentioned techniques this can truly assist on reconnection with your spirit and assisting on raising your vibration.

5. Releasing Consciously Releasing sets the wheels in motion as when you choose to consciously release you are saying I want to release any stuck energy that stops me from my higher vibration so you are choosing consciously to raise it.

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