Start of my week as a Medium clairvoyant  & aged care nurse...

Hi everyone well the weekend is over and the start of the week has begun.

You may or may not be aware that I am a medium clairvoyant as well as an aged care nurse .You might wonder how I managed to do both well at times it certainly can be a juggle, the start of the week entails clients for readings in the morning then preparing the afternoon to care for other's loved ones.

Then after work as a nurse back to being a medium clairvoyant & psychic extraordinaire giggle. Although at times that feeling of exhaustion may kick in now and then,I reflect on a time not so long ago when I was having a moment with spirit saying the 2 things I love to doing the most is my spiritual work and being a nurse and caring for those who need it most.

Well instantly I was given the opportunity to do both things outside of being a mum and wife that I love most, talk about manifesting.

The greatest gift in Life I feel is the gift of life and if you can bring love peace, joy and hope into someone's life ,than you have done more than enough in this lifetime.

see you at my next blog

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